Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Waterfront Homes Charleston SC

Waterfront homes can consist of three different kinds in the Charleston SC: riverfront homes, beachfront homes, and then just generic waterfront properties, which are comprised of houses on a tidal creek, or lake. Charleston SC lake front homes don't really exist, but it depends on what you consider a lake, and unfortunately some real estate agents will label a pond a lake. About an hour outside of Charleston is Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, two HUGE lakes where you can't see land in some instances if you in the middle. 

Depending on how the listing agent inputs the property listing in our local MLS will dictate how your search will display results. For instance: if an agent lists a property for sale that's on a small pond, but labels it waterfront then you'll see that property, although to me it shouldn't be allowed as it's misleading and a grey area. 

Properties labeled "waterfront", in Charleston SC in my opinion should be reserved for homes that are on either beachfront or deep water where a dock can be installed. The problem is that will thousands of listings there really isn't a way to police this. Waterfront homes in Charleston SC as you can imagine will range in price, but usually for "real" waterfront like most people want you're going to have to spend at least $450,000 for a small older property. 

Condos: We have many beachfront condos in Charleston as well as waterfront condos that are on the harbor or river. You can sometimes find a condo in the area starting in the $250k's with water view on Folly Beach, maybe West Ashley or James Island, but most will be $350k minimum. Anything with beach views, ocean views, on the riverfront, or deep water that you find with prices under $100,000 will almost always be a fractional home ownership