Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wild Dunes & Isle of Palms SC

Every year thousands of people visit The Isle of Palms, and to purchase Wild Dunes real estate and enjoy the lifestyle of living or owning a home in the Wild Dunes resort on The Isle of Palms in beautiful South Carolina. This gated resort featuring two stellar golf courses, sand tennis courts, elegant landscapes, beach access, swimming pools all over, Wild Dunes offers a vacation lifestyle anyone could love. From an investment standpoint having a vacation rental on the island isn't a bad choice either, and the market values usually perform very well as compared to other coastal towns. Many of the homes on the Isle of Palms rent for $5000+ a week. Yes, I said a week, for the oceanfront homes. The villas on Isle of Palms still get a hefty penny even for smaller one or two bedroom condos. If you are a regular vacationer to the island it would be a better investment to just buy your own, make some money throughout most of the year renting it, and then enjoy it as much as you want, when you choose. Building memories with your family, Who can put a price on that? Prices range from about $250,000 for a very small one bedroom condo to well over $3 Million for oceanfront homes on the Isle of Palms and Wild Dunes. Don't get confused because you may see some homes for sale here that as low as $30-40k, those are for shares or fractional ownership where you only get one or two weeks of usage. It's not a time share per-say, but you do share time. 
There are 18 little "off-shoot" pockets within the Wild Dunes gates and resort and included in that are 12 Condo/Villa buildings all with their own differences. You must be aware of what it takes to buy in a gated resort. Unlike purchasing a home in a "normal" area owning in a resort comes with some extra costs you might not be used to. First, there is usually a transfer fee of either half of 1% or full 1% of the purchase price. Which goes in the the HOA of the building or regime of the community. 
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This helps pay to keep up the area (in addition to your monthly regime payments), and HOA dues. Which ALSO go to help keep up the maintenance of the building (if SFA), grounds, amenities, insurance, clean up, etc. The HOA monthly payments usually range from $350 month to well over $1000 depending on the building and area. Regime dues can be monthly, quarterly or yearly and vary greatly. The good news is that these payments also cover your insurances on your unit for the wind coverage, flood, and hazard (especially when pertaining to condo/villa). Not SFD. These fees do not give you free golf in the resort, however most times ownership in a resort does get you some privileges and discounts for use of golf, and tennis amenities.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Downtown Charleston SC Real Estate

There are few places in the United States that are as pretty and majestic as downtown Charleston, SC. With the perfect mix of places to see, things to do, and unbelievable dining who wouldn't want to live in downtown Charleston? Houses for sale in downtown Charleston SC don't come cheap. Especially anything that is really nice, and living downtown comes with its own set of challenges. It's no mystery that we get a lot of rain here in the South and that rain coupled with a city that is just at or below sea level has its inherent problems. Flooding. Although the city has done a lot to help curb the problem of flooding but there is still a ways to go.
So.. Next question if you want to live in Downtown Charleston is what kind of home do you want to buy? So many people love the historic charm of such an old city, but homes this old have issues, and there aren't a lot of new construction homes in downtown Charleston that come on the market regularly. Good news... there are some new developers that have come to the area making purchases and building new in real estate downtown Charleston, SC. Another large factor to consider when thinking about buying homes in Charleston SC is the parking. As with most metropolitan living, parking comes at a premium. Many homes downtown do not have "off street" parking so your car will always be parked near the curb on the street versus your own drive way. No.. there are no such things as a garage in downtown Charleston, SC. Just to have your own drive way is luxury alone. That's why a lot of buyers coming to the area consider condos in downtown Charleston, SC. The only kind of garage you will find in downtown Charleston homes is with completely renovated multi-million $$ mansions or a parking garage associated with a condo.

Lastly; is where in downtown Charleston, SC to live? There are different boroughs of downtown Charleston SC all with their own set of charming qualities and features.